General Dentistry


For teeth that are damaged or decayed, crowns can be the perfect solution. Porcelain crowns fit over damaged teeth, restoring their strength, health, and beauty. Crowns can be matched to your natural tooth color so the fact that you have had dental work is easily concealed.

Dental crowns, commonly known as ‘dental caps’, are dental restorations which encase a tooth and are cemented in place. Indications for a dental crown are usually for a broken down or decayed tooth. We use a crown to restore a tooth to a cosmetically pleasing appearance and strengthen the tooth.

The all Porcelain Crown is considered by many to be the ultimate in protection and beauty. Indicated to correct major defects in the front as well as the rear of the mouth, porcelain crowns have been successfully used for over 75 years. The Porcelain Crown provides the most support and protection for the important tooth structure it covers and is the strongest of all the cosmetic restorations.

A Porcelain Crown can be repositioned and shaped to match other teeth in color and alignment or completely change the appearance. In addition, Porcelain Bridge work reinforced with metal is the best treatment for correcting major functional or structural problems with individual teeth, missing teeth or general bite dysfunction.

Today’s modern Porcelain and Ceramic Technology is made to replace missing or broken teeth so that no one can tell that the replacements are not real.